How many students attend this school?

There are 350 students that attend Stewarttown Middle School.  The school is divided into three grades (6-8).   We also have a regional learning disability self-contained class.

Who do I notify if my child is to be absent or late?

To register an absence, click on the Attendance Line link on our school’s homepage each day your child is absent.

Students arriving or leaving during the day, must sign in or sign out at the office.

Does Stewarttown offer a lunch program?

Student have the opportunity to purchase a hot lunch five days a week.  We offer a variety of lunch choices, pizza  on Mondays and Fridays,  pita on Tuesdays, subs on Wednesdays, pasta on Thursdays).  This valuable program is run by our Parent Council volunteers and is Stewarttown's major fundraiser.

Who do I contact to find out which bus my child takes and where the stop is?

If you have a student OEN number, you can use the Halton Student Transportation Services and the Bus Schedule Lookup.  If you still have difficulties call the Board Transportation for information at 1-888-803-8660 Ext. 2202.

Can my child ride a friend's bus if I send a note?

Yes, but a note must be brought in to the Vice-Principal the day before the requested change.

Are students allowed to have personal electronics (ipods, cell phones and ipads) at school?

We encourage the board’s Bring IT policy.  Staff will review the their classroom technology rules, using a WiFii ON-OFF sign. Students who do not honour the guidelines will have their device confiscated and parents will be notified. While we make every effort to recover lost or stolen articles, we cannot be responsible for them.

What efforts does Stewarttown School make to be environmentally friendly?

All of our children are encouraged to respect our community by not littering and using recyclable containers to avoid creating garbage.  Our school Green Team works hard to promote many school initiatives like our green bin program and litterless lunch days